Safer Commodity Screening Program
Enabling selection of preferred commodity chemicals for the apparel and footwear supply chain towards the goal of Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals

Commodity chemicals account for about 80 percent of the chemicals by volume in the apparel supply chain. After use, they are treated and discharged with wastewater.

Historically, customary testing and screening methods have proven cost-prohibitive and ineffective for commodity chemicals. As a result, companies have had limited visibility into potential contaminants from upstream processes that could lead downstream environmental impacts.

Safer Commodity Screening (formerly SC for CC) enables the efficient screening, scoring, and tracking of this critical part of textile chemical throughput at dyehouses, mills, and laundries. Factories and commodity chemical traders can consult scores and trends to make more informed commodity chemical purchasing and use decisions – and to phase out use of poorly-performing commodities – that will help them achieve safer, more transparent, more sustainable chemical supply chains.

For the first time, suppliers can ensure the commodity chemicals that are purchased, used, and sold in the apparel supply chain are safe and any substances restricted for use by the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) organization or impurities are identified.

For more information on the Safer Commodity Screening Program and for specific guidance for using the SciveraLENS Safer Commodities platform, visit the Commodity Screening Guidance webpage.

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